Crown Land for Agriculture

Crown Land for Agriculture Report

Kaslo Food Security has been working on a project to map, identify and hopefully acquire crown land that could be held in trust for the use of local farmers. With the help of Selkirk student Robyn Hicks and NKLCSS Office Manager Heather Hamilton, we were able to produce 11 maps outlining arable, crown land within electoral area D, Regional District Central Kootenay. Included in this process was a breakdown of the applications for leasing crown land.

The land identified in this process is limited. We did identify one parcel in Meadow Creek that would be suitable and have confirmed with government agents that it is not currently leased. This parcel is about 100 acres, but the lease requirements would limit our application to only accessing about 30 acres. The land itself has a road, but would need to be cleared and there are no services currently for this parcel. The maps are available as pdf files (some are quite large).  See the links below.

On June 18thwe presented our maps and the application details to 20 local residents. Several residents were interested in pursuing crown land for their own farming enterprises and we were able to assist them in identifying potential parcels that might meet their needs. , Unfortunately, we were unable to gain commitment from a core group of people interested in a group effort to secure land for future farmers. Consequently, we have had to postpone our own applications until we have local support for a steering committee. We will be able to still act upon this project for another year should enough people come forward to assist and participate. However, after 2013, we will not be pursuing this process as an organization. If you would like to see crown land secured for future farmers and would be willing to work with our organization to facilitate this process, please contact us at the Kaslo Food Hub at 250-353-7120. A summary of the application process for leasing crown land is available to download.

Agricultural Cown Land Maps

The maps are available as a PDF files.

To save the files in most browsers, right click on the link and choose “Save file as”(for Firefox) or “Save target as”(for Explorer) or “Save link as”(for Chrome) or “Download linked file as”(for Safari). File sizes listed are approximate.

Map Info

All the above maps, except the “Regional map of arable land”, are a composite made from the “regional map of arable land” and maps from RDCK or from Imap BC. To use the maps look for areas that are dark brown. These will be areas that, according to the information we have, are crown land and the soil is arable. We do not guarantee the accuracy of these maps. We found in a few instances that there was conflict between the RDCK maps and the Imap BC maps on what land is crown land or is privately owned. As such you will need to use the maps only as a starting point to see where you may want to explore and then do your own research. The RDCK and Imap BC are two resources. Once you have a specific piece of property contact Front Counter BC for more information. The regional map does not show ownership, only what land is arable and also has a map showing how steep the land is.

We regret that we can not provide you with technical assistance in figuring out the government maps or websites.


This project was funded by the Vancounver Foundation. Vancouver Foundation helps build more vibrant and resilient communities in BC. We do this by harnessing the gifts of energy, ideas, time, and money from caring citizens to make meaningful and lasting impacts. We are Canada’s largest community foundation and we’ve been investing in communities since 1943. To find out more visit: