Supporting Peer Interactions - a workshop for parents of young children

In the fall, we conducted a survey of parents aimed at helping us plan our Speaker Series.  One of the most popular topics was "Supporting Peer Interactions".  That's not surprising.  Parents have lots of questions about how to help their child manage relationships with other children from siblings to friends. 

  • Is your child "slow to warm up" to social situations?  Shy?  Sensitive?
  • Is your child going through a phase of biting or hitting?  Screaming when they're unhappy about something?
  • Are you trying to find a positive way to deal with your children when they are fighting?
  • Are you unsure how to deal with it if children are in conflict?
  • What about sharing?  When are they actually old enough to do that?

We all want our children to have good relationships, to have friends.  We all want to raise compassionate children who can also speak up for themselves and feel comfortable around others.  If any of this sounds familiar, consider signing up for next week's workshop.  Come and pour yourself a cup of (good) coffee, we'll care for your children and serve snacks!  Enjoy sitting with a group of parents and sharing ideas while listening to some experts in the field.  Here are the details:

Supporting Peer Interactions: A free workshop for parents of young children with Heather Broad and Samantha Zaytsoff.

  • Learn about ways to intervene when children are in conflict,
  • how to support the cautious/timid child,
  • age-appropriate expectations regarding ‘sharing’,
  • communication do’s and don’ts,
  • how adults can model positive interactions and self-care
  • and more! 

Tuesday, January 15th.  9:30-11:30. 

Kaslo Family Centre (in JVH school).  Childcare provided.  Gas vouchers available for families living on low income. 

Registration required. 

Contact Barb at or 250-353-7691 ext. 209.  Offered by North Kootenay Lake Community Services Society, Childcare Resource and Referral and sponsored by the Kaslo Homelinks program.

 Please provide the following information when registering:  your name and phone number, names and ages of any children you will be bringing, a list of food allergies.