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Kaslo's Food Charter

Kaslo's Food Charter is posted can be downloaded as a pdf here.

What is a food charter?

  • Food charters are statements of values, principles and priorities used to point community food policy in a positive direction.
  • Food charters are developed by bringing a diverse group of citizens together and enabling them to share their concerns and desires around food and agricultural issues in order to reach a shared vision of food security.

Root Cellar

Community Root Cellar

Have a bumper crop and need more space to store it?

The Community Root Cellar is a walk in refrigerated space available for rent. We provide a bin which can hold 50lbs (in potato measurements )

Space available for individuals/families, organizations or businesses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Individual & Family Rates are:
$1.50 daily per Bin
$10.00 monthly per Bin

Rental fees are used to pay utilities and weekly maintenance of cooler.
Contact us for business & organization rates.

West Kootenay Food Directory

Through our work, a very important initiative is now available to support our local farmers. The KFSP, through funding from the Community Food Action Initiative and Interior Health, has inventoried the farmers, market gardeners and food producers to create a West Kootenay Food Directory. We have also inventoried the retail outlets, whether a farmers market, restaurant or grocery store that support local foods.

Crown Land for Agriculture

Crown Land for Agriculture Report

Kaslo Food Security has been working on a project to map, identify and hopefully acquire crown land that could be held in trust for the use of local farmers. With the help of Selkirk student Robyn Hicks and NKLCSS Office Manager Heather Hamilton, we were able to produce 11 maps outlining arable, crown land within electoral area D, Regional District Central Kootenay. Included in this process was a breakdown of the applications for leasing crown land.

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